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Coffee · and · Pie

And here we go again... or do we?

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Hi guys,

::waves at Tin::

Looks like the registrar, which we shouldve changed to be the same as our host a million years ago...
Decided to reset its... settings. Without access to the registrars account I cant do anything.  

Our files are up and running just like they've always been.  It's the name "coffeeandpie.com" that's not working.

I love you all, and It's been great working for you guys.  But I dont have another fight left in me.  No more pissing contests for Patricia. I'm all done. I tried to do my best but I feel like I fell short. For that you have my most sincere apologies.

I'll continue to watch the show.  I'll continue to love Carby.  Please feel free to email me, make sure I havent drowned in the tub or something.  I'll leave this account open for all members to post, so please feel free to do that, shine the Carby-signal and I'll be back... ;-)

See you guys around.



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On August 2nd, 2008 03:58 am (UTC), darwnst_memoirs commented:
it does exist snarky. We just can't see it when we go to coffeandpie.com

Jen or Pix have the "name account" on enom, the company that sold them the name, so I cant access it and fix it. This happens every year, or every couple of years... everytime eNom decides its time for a little angst.
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